IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) is the largest community for self-employed people in the UK. It aims to make sure self-employed people have a voice in government and provides valuable support to all types of freelancers. As part of this commitment, IPSE teamed up with Starling bank to provide some great benefits to sole traders and small businesses including Starling’s business account.

IPSE and Starling wanted to focus on real customers’ experiences of IPSE membership and Starling business accounts. We were tasked with bringing a case study to life that encapsulated this experience.


We met with John, owner of dogs, mogs and sprogs, a small business that specialises in walking, photographing and looking after dogs and cats. John had switched to a Starling business account after his old bank had begun to charge excessive fees.

We went for a dog walk with John and a few excitable dogs. Together with John, we explored the benefits of the Starling banking app, service and accessibility. We highlighted John’s personal journey with Starling and wanted to focus on the impact changing banks has had on his life. A key impact is that he now has more time to spend with friends and family.

The shoots took place during the ongoing pandemic in line with COVID filming safety procedures. Adapting to a skeleton crew of two allowed us to confidently scale down production whilst still being able to capture an effective and powerful case study.

We worked with the exceptional team at IPSE to deliver this video. As mentioned above IPSE’s only priority is to empower and help the self-employed in the UK and they are fantastic at it. The team were incredibly helpful during the planning and execution of the shoot making the whole process very smooth.

The final video sits on IPSE’s website and both IPSE’s and Starling’s social media. The aim is to provide more self-employed people with great business accounts that are free of fees and incredibly easy to use.

We believe that these videos will help raise the visibility of this partnership helping more people switch and empowering freelancers across the UK.

A day shooting dogs, mogs and sprogs

We wanted to create a film that focused on John’s relationship with the dogs he walks. Highlighting how using Starling allows him to spend more time doing the things he loves.

We opted for the use of slow-motion in the footage to drive focus onto John and add emphasis to the points he was making.

Throughout the short series of videos, we incorporated John’s photography to help give the viewer a deeper connection to John’s work.

Quote from Christina at IPSE

“As always, the process was smooth and efficient and we had total confidence in London Filmed to deliver. We’re thrilled with the outcome of the video and can’t wait to work with them again in the future”

At London Filmed we have made sure that all the crew and members of the team are ready to go for filming during COVID-19. If you have any questions or enquiries be sure to contact and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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