Repurposing Content during COVID-19

Coming up with new content every week for your social media channels can be challenging.

While screen time is up, and more people are spending more time on social media than ever before it’s important to have a strong social presence right now.

Throughout this blog, I’ll run you through some of the ways we’ve been repurposing our content!

Turning videos into blogs

Let’s say you’ve already shot a branded explainer video, a great way to repurpose that is to convert the video into a blog post, by transcribing the video using a tool like Rev you can reach audiences who might not usually watch your videos on social channels and much prefer the written word. You can also add your transcription as subtitles to your video and increase its SEO!

Create a podcast with existing content.

Podcasts are gaining more popularity across a wider range of age groups. I often find I work well with a podcast playing in the background. Interviews, conferences, roundtable discussions and more long-form video can easily be converted into audio with a free tool called Audacity.

Video cut downs

Following suit from turning a long-form video into podcasts, cutting down any videos that are longer than a minute down to the minute mark or even 30 seconds. Check out each social platform’s average watch time below (thanks to Hubspot) to get an idea of how long your videos should be!


  • 1 Minute


  • 30 Seconds


  • 45 Seconds


  • 2 Minutes


Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook offer a story function that disappears after 24 hours where you can offer bite-size 10-second chunks of content to your audience, this is a great place to post behind the scenes photos of your team as well as unseen photos and video that normally may not have made the cut.

New videos from old content

With content production being at a slower pace at the moment, our editors are working with old raw footage to re-edit and merge videos to create new storylines and convey different messages. This can be used to create new brand videos, commercials and short-form content for social!

Looking for inspiration on what type of content can be produced by repurposing content? Check out this video we created for True. by repurposing old footage, partner content, stock footage and text animation to help them tell their story.

Our team is available to work with you to create any content. We can use your old videos and other visual content to help get your social media in top shape during COVID-19! Get in touch with us!