True Global Rebrand

Habitual worked with True producing original video content for their global rebrand. True commissioned us to create a five-part series outlining their business model for their brand launch event and overhauled website. Habitual’s flagship video was a two-minute mission led production providing an overview of the re-structured company. As part of the campaign, we created supporting videos detailing the different aspects of True’s investment business. These supporting videos gave insights into the company’s  Private Equity Portfolio, Startup Innovators, Leading Industry Partners and Investors. The “Introducing True” film was screened at their rebrand launch event, serving as a new statement of purpose defining their new business direction.


Our approach to producing this series of rebrand videos was ‘future focussed’, underlining True’s live network and leadership within the investment space. They have established themselves as Europe’s only retail and consumer sector specialist that operates across the entire investment vertical. As such we visualised their live network consisting of; startups, investors, retail specialist and portfolio companies. Our team of videographers, directors and production specialists made one film for each aspect of this network.  The structure of the series reflected the ‘live network’ theme, with the videos reinforced by distinct visual lighting on set. Habitual successfully delivered a powerful set of videos - showcasing how these different elements weave together to form the basis of True.

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