Post Production

People underestimate editing, but the edit is where it all comes together. They say editing is the second phase of scripting because once you’re in the edit suite, you can tell any story you desire.
Using different editing styles, sound design and colour grading the film is imbued with narrative, meaning, emotion and rhythm. When do you speed things up? When do you allow a moment to breathe?

We like to bring our editors into the concepting phase to allow for more holistic creative ideas to come to the fore.

Above all, editing can change behaviour. During editing you create signposts for your audience to clearly understand your message.

Colour grading is the process of balancing and correcting your image, and also where we create a stylised ‘look’ and form your film’s visual identity. We work with brands to create a colour palette that best suits the identity and message of the project.

It’s more than colour. This is the opportunity to enhance the film using film grains, light flares, sharpness, retouching and other techniques to reach a beautiful and high-end looking film.

Our colourists use the film industry standard DaVinci Resolve.

Sound design is an underappreciated phase of film editing – half of all film is the soundscape.

Sound design is the process of creating an audio environment to support the on-screen action of your video content. Believe it or not, this actually informs and empowers your visual images.

This is comprised of the on-set recordings, music, and other sonic elements such as foley and SFX to create an entire sonic world to join the visuals.

Resources: stock films, music libraries
Processing: conversion, distribution, asset creation

All Video Services


The perfect way to engage with your community. In a short amount of time we’ll communicate your product or service and captivate audiences online.


Working from conception to writing, storyboarding and the final cut – we can ensure you’ll have a commercial with innovation and style to deliver your message.


Our social media marketers & filmmakers can create attention grabbing content for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with your viewers in mind.


Our documentary filmmakers craft elegant, artistic, and informative documentaries that inspire debate and inform audiences.


Whether it be a Kickstarter campaign, your seed round or Series A, we’ve worked with companies in creating supporting content that can bring your company’s future vision to life.


Enhance the power of influencers and sponsors with a video that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Integrating high quality videos with the powerful reach of influencers will generate more buzz around your brand, product and message.


Behind the scenes are engaging and informative videos that brings to life the creation of an event or project. Habitual’s team of creatives can shed light on how the hard work and dedication of your crew made your project come to life.


Explainer videos tell your brand’s story or demonstrate a new product, saving your consumers time and capturing their imagination. They are a great ways to clearly get across your brand’s message and values in a short eye-catching video.


We do recruitment videos differently. Our open approach means we can visit your company and hear the authentic stories of your employees. We’ll find what makes your business tick and showcase it for the world to see.