There are a huge number of styles and animated techniques you could employ in your video. From simple cell animation to computer generated imagery (CGI), the best approach will depend on your key marketing objectives and brand identity, which we will establish in the planning stage.

The magic of animation allows you to seamlessly transition from one scene to another, creating a sense of continuity between individual ideas, themes and propositions. By playing with camera angles and perspectives we can travel in and out of imagery and track individual elements that lead the viewer into different settings and scenarios. The power of animation allows you to do all of this in one seemingly seamless take.


Most animations utilise a voiceover to accompany the animated video as it unfolds. This creates a narrative that drives the viewer through the animation and gives context to what is unfolding on screen. Accent, tone and delivery of the voiceover artist all contribute to the overall feel of the finished film.

Animated videos are often set to music and contain sound effects. These are crucial design elements that add to the overall feel and style of the film. With recording studio capabilities, we can put together soundtracks and sound effects that will really set the tone and bring the animation to life.


James Starkey

black and white person

James’s love for sport and youth culture has developed into a broad portfolio of subcultures photography, endeavouring to honestly capture the intrinsic nature and beauty of his subjects.


Selected clients include Adidas, Umbro, Mundial Magazine, Everton F.C., Football Beyond Boarders, Class Pass Uk


Curtis Gibson

Curtis Gibson photographer

Curtis is a fashion and lifestyle editorial photographer whose work extends across digital lookbooks, magazine photography, and art direction.

Curtis’s approach to his subjects always revolves around the textural and emotional.

Clients: Saatchi, Varley, Wild Turkey, Radisson Blue, The May Fair