SCRT Streetwear & Homeware

SCRT is an independent British Streetwear brand who collaborate with artists and creatives to produce unique apparel. They run seasonal digital campaigns in fashion and design, and we worked closely with them to create an Artist Spotlight series for Instagram, which focuses on their inspiration and creative process which help shape their craft.





















Bo Matteini: Illustrator

E.F. Davies: Potter

Blank Factory: Candlemaker

Brandon Celi: Illustrator


Our mission was to extract the sensory aspects of each artist and their designs.

For E.F. Davies, it was the meditative and rhythmic repetition of the spinning ceramics wheel and his focus and serenity in creating beautiful bowls and pots that caught our attention.

For Bo Matteini, we wanted to accentuate the experimentation and imagination of his creative process which involves multiple versions of the same drawing. We rought the illustration to life through hallucinatory animation, reflecting his own illustrative style.

Alex from Blank Factory discusses his sensory process of creating scented candles, experimenting with ingredient combinations to help him create the portrait of a scent. We wanted to create a sense of tranquility which reflected the environment of coastal Margate, and how these surroundings make their way into his work.

Brandon has a unique way of looking at life through a satirical lens. His work varies in medium but never wavers from its humour and ingenuity. Based in Toronto, we crafted a remote interview technique that helped demonstate the humour and subject matter that features so often in his work.

The Launch


SCRT's Spring/Summer 19 pop-up launch in the heart of Shoreditch was the first physical realisation of their online store. The pop-up showcased their entire collection and celebrated the success of the art and design products, inviting each of their collaborators to come to the party. Our event video mirrored the style of the event and was released on Instagram to conclude the campaign.

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