Recruitment Videos & Employer Branding

Recruitment videos are a great way to grow your Employer Brand offering a unique perspective of what it’s like to work for a company, through employee insight and cinematic visuals. Sourcing talent to help businesses grow and scale is one of the toughest challenges companies are facing, which has elevated the importance of a strong Employer Brand in recent years.
Habitual Media have vast experience of delivering high-quality recruitment videos for some of the worlds biggest brands such as Airbnb, Deloitte, Shazam, Transferwise and Hertz.


As part of the process Habitual Media work closely with brands to understand their audience and conceptualise targeted content that will help them attract top talent in a highly competitive marketplace. We work with brands to help guide them through the employer branding process from a visual perspective, whilst keeping focus of their recruitment goals. We encourage our subjects to tell their own stories and offer a unique look behind the curtain of some of Europe’s growing tech brands. Whilst we do look to storyboard general scenes, we also aim to capture the most organic interactions in an organisation, giving potential employees a genuine insight into everyday life at the organisation.

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