Every project starts with a script; you can write one or we can write one for you based on your key points.


this a time-consuming process and will take several days of intense keyframing. We create all the assets and then start to add the animated magic, bringing

your video to life. If need be we design and rig characters using a variety of software to

achieve the best effect. Each scene slowly builds to the complete video and when the

animation is finished, we top it off with sound effects, add the voice over and music and

deliver it to you.


If you have a good idea of the style you want, send us the examples and we can start from there. If you like some suggestions, we can create a variety of moodboards to share. Moodboards are simple visual collages of different style for you to choose from.

After you have picked your style, we mock-up style frames. These are like freeze frames to give

you an idea of how the final video will look.


With every project there are always tweaks to be made, 2 rounds of

simple iterations are included in the project price. This will allow us to fine-tune the video

and complete the project.


When happy we design the storyboard. The storyboard shows from start to finish how the complete animated video will look. The VO will be printed on each frame as well as a description of the on-screen action to you can see exactly what happening in each shot.


Our collaborative process invites your influence and signature on every project.



Our films are rooted in themes central to the brands we work with and social or digital trends surrounding each campaign or project. Our work starts with discovery; research into the heart of the brand message, and ideation into a stylistic realisation of your message and your brief.


What make us distinctive is our bold visual signature. We believe in elevating stories with striking imagery and emotional storytelling - our focus is on the people we capture and uncovering their story and character, compelling your viewers to relate, share and act. 


We don't get bogged down by strict plans or processes. We remain nimble and responsive in the face of changing needs and ideas. We like to keep things intuitive, letting organic exploration happen during shooting and leaving scope for experimentation and collaboration in the edit.


Incredibly professional team. Habitual Media worked on a short film for Uber, taking a complex brief and delivering an excellent piece of work. They were organised, responsive, creative and a great team to work with on the day.


We had such a great day and the team from Habitual Media were so accommodating and patient towards our needs. Great communication from their end and looking forward to working together again in the future.


Top work by a top team at Habitual Media. The team is creative, well-organised and talented. Very impressed with the results of their work, and can't wait to see what they come up with next time.



Branded Content
Brand videos are a great way to communicate new products or services to audiences online. You only have a short amount of time to engage your online audience and brand videos are the perfect way to do this.



We'll work with you on commercial video production from conception, writing and storyboarding to finessing the final cut. Ensuring you have a commercial with an innovative style,  delivering your brand or product message.


Social Media Campaigns

We combine a passionate team of social media marketers and filmmakers to create social media video content for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that grabs the attention of viewers.


Mini Documentaries

Documentary filmmaking is a great way to tell your brand or personal story. Our documentary filmmakers work with the story to craft a elegant, artistic and informing documentary that inspires debate and informs your audience.

Music Videos

We work across a diverse range of styles and genres in music video production.  Collaborating with artists to deliver bold visual accompaniment. We can bring a filmmaker to the project who knows your style, genre and audience.

Endorsement/Sponsorship Videos

Enhance the power of influencers and sponsors with a video that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Integrating high quality videos with the powerful reach of influencers will generate more buzz around your brand, product and message.


Our network of animators, illustrators and motion graphics editors bring your vision to life. Whether its 2D or 3D animation, we can adapt and optimise your animation to stylistically deliver your key messages.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes are engaging and informative videos that brings to life the creation of an event or project. Habitual’s team of creatives can shed light on how the hard work and dedication of your crew made your project come to life.


Habitual’s photography work varies across a range of styles including event stills, corporate headshots and brand assets. Our award-winning photographers can bring your project to life though print assets, GIFs, branded content and more.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos tell your brand’s story or demonstrate a new product, saving your consumers time and capturing their imagination. They are a great ways to clearly get across your brand's message and values in a short eye-catching video.

Recruitment Videos

We do recruitment videos differently. Our open approach means we can visit your company and hear the authentic stories of your employees. We'll find what makes your business tick and showcase it for the world to see.

Fundraising Videos

Whether it be a Kickstarter campaign, your seed round or Series A, we've worked with companies in creating supporting content that can bring your company's future vision to life.

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